coolmac provides refrigeration solutions for perishable products


Scheduled maintenance is the interval maintenance work that needs to be done on the equipment as prescribed by the manufacturer and according to the needs of the equipment to provide reliability. The frequency of this type of maintenance is set by the utilisation of the equipment. It works much the same as your motor vehicle’s scheduled maintenance.


Preventative maintenance helps to ensure efficiency by regularly evaluating the condition of the equipment without really working on it. Such information is gathered by simple observation and processing available data such as charts, event logs and records. This type of maintenance is comparable to checking the oil, water and tyre pressure when filling your vehicle up with petrol.


Planned maintenance assures quality of refrigeration equipment by replacing components before they have a chance to fail. Continuous preventative maintenance informs this process and helps to ensure quality of product stored within the refrigeration plant. This category of maintenance is similar to replacing your tyres when the wear indicates that it is necessary or replacing your car battery after needing a few jump starts. Planned maintenance can also be scheduled to suit your budget.

Peace of Mind

Monitoring is the policeman, and as such supports reliability, efficiency and quality by generating alerts when things go wrong or attention is needed to prevent a breakdown. It includes the measuring systems that give high and low thresholds. The motor vehicle analogy here is provided by the fuel and temperature indicators on your dashboard as well as the vehicle onboard computer. It should be understood that while you typically only monitor your vehicle while driving it, your refrigeration system needs to be monitored remotely on a 24/7 basis.

Our expert service offering includes:

  • Pack-house, cooling, refrigeration and automation
  • Specialised refrigeration: forced-cooling, de-greening, ripening rooms and Steri-Cold
  • Commercial and industrial refrigeration solutions for retail and wholesale customers

Very few companies in South Africa truly identify with their customers’ need to generate profits and build sustainable business. Coolmac does. Coolmac drives customer profit, cuts wastage and slashes downtime with innovative refrigeration and automation solutions for perishable products. We also maintain existing installations in commercial, industrial and agricultural businesses.